Frequently asked questions

Do you sell direct to the public?

Selamat Designs does not sell direct to the public. Instead, we sell our products through reputable retail stores (Dealers), designers, showrooms and sales representatives throughout the United States and Canada.

Where can I see all of your products?

Selamat sells to many higher-end retailers, designers and hotels. Chances are you seen and sat on some Selamat products without even knowing it! If you want to see some Selamat product in person please visit any of our showrooms [hyperlink to contact page] or Partners listed here or drop us a line at [email protected] and we can tell you where you might find a distributor in your area.

How is your mahogany and teak sustainably grown?

We buy all our tropical hardwoods from the Indonesian government and from their engineered forests. In fact, mahogany and the teak we use in furniture production are not native to Indonesia, they were brought to the islands by man hundreds of years ago. Rattan is a sustainable material because it is a vine and needs a jungle to grow in. As long as people can sustain themselves off the jungle as is, there is no reason to plow it under for agricultural pursuits.

Why are your products so amazing and cool?

Well, good question. I could give you a bunch of BS but basically it boils down to the fact that WE are so amazing and cool!

Can I get any product in any finish I want?

Yes and no. We stock product in the finishes shown on the specific product master page. However, if you would like one of our rattan products in one of our standard rattan finishes and we don’t stock it that way, you can still order it for a little more money and a wait. Contact customer service (800-492-1776) [hot link] for your custom inquiries.

How durable are your products?

We design our products to last more than one generation. Part of our green story [hyperlink to About Us] is to make products that last and can be repurposed and not just thrown away after a few years. Most of our products are designed for the hotel and contract industries and therefore are far more durable than your typical residential furniture and accessories. In fact, sometimes our hotel customers wait so long to re-order product we don’t wonder if we shouldn’t engineer in some planned obsolescence (not really)!

How can I obtain a fabric swatch or a finish sample?

The best way to obtain a fabric swatch is to ask your local dealer, designer, or sales representative to order the swatch on your behalf. That way, they can ensure the proper swatches are being requested and can follow up with you once it has arrived.

Do you offer COM or custom pieces?

We offer COM on nearly all of our pieces for an additional fee. Selamat Designs Studio will work on custom projects once certain parameters are met. For additional information please call our corporate headquarters or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">[email protected]

Can you give me a price on?

It is advised to contact your local dealer, designer, or sales representative for specific promotions and applicable pricing. However, if you have no local representative we have customer service representatives that would be happy to provide both trade or retail pricing.

Do you work with interior designers?

We work with Interior Designers, however we have project minimums that must be adhered to. Please contact our Selamat Designs Contract Division if you are an Interior Designer specifying for a project. If you are unable to open an account with our Contract Division, we recommend that you work with your nearest sales representative who can provide you with the personalized service you require.

What are your minimums?

• The minimum for Accessories and (reorders) is $500, ($300) respectively.
• Furniture and Furniture and Accessories (Reorders) $750, ($500)
• Orders below minimum will incur a 20% upcharge
• Shipping rates are based on value of the orded
• Drop shipping available at a small additional upcharge

What are your payment terms?

First orders require prepayment or C.O.D. Net 30 with a credit application approval. We take Visa, Master Card, and American Express with payment being processed on the ship date Service fees and charges include: returned Check – $25.00 and Past Due Paid With Credit Card – 1.5%. We are a reporting member of the Manufacturer’s Credit Cooperative

What is rattan?

Rattan is a broad term to describe a certain type of vine that grows primarily in jungles and rainforests. It forms symbiotic relationships with trees in the rainforest, growing on top of them for support. There are dozens of species of rattan (just like wood) and many are suitable for different things. It is considered a sustainable resource as it grows quickly among existing trees and in forested areas that cannot support other products. When it is harvested, the supporting trees are not destroyed. Ecologically, rattan is very important as it grows in degraded forests and in marginal soil. It can also be introduced artificially in natural forests without disturbing the existing structure and balance. We primarily use Manao rattan which is the biggest, cleanest and most expensive species to use. Rattan is not bamboo. Bamboo is a grass and is hollow while rattan is solid (and thus easier to bend and manipulate).

Rattan is a close relative of the palm tree. It is a type of a vine that rapidly grows in the jungles of South Eastern region. It grows in the shape of a pole, and its diameter varies between one to three inches. Rattan is one of the strongest woods and possesses the ability to grow up high as hundred feet. Unlike the bamboo pole, rattan boasts a strong core and is thus durable and even hard to break. The solid core of rattan along with vertical grains is harvested, and is cut into smaller sections and is generally steamed to give varied shapes. The outside skin of the rattan pole, which is the peel, is generally used to bind the furniture joints together.

What is the difference between rattan and wicker?

Wicker is processed from rattan once the outer skin is removed in “pasta” type machines. It is not a material, but an ancient technique used to manufacture items out of natural materials, such as willow, rush, rush, rattan core and more. The natural materials are made wet so that they can be easily woven to create wicker design furniture pieces.

So here is where the difference lies—Rattan is a specific material, hence rattan furniture is crafted out of rattan only, but wicker furniture may be crafted out of different materials such as bamboo, straw and even rattan. Recently, synthetic materials are also being used for manufacturing wicker furniture.

In terms of versatility and durability rattan furniture scores much more than wicker furniture. Rattan features a solid core and is available in an array of natural colors. Wicker furniture, on the other hand, may or may not be strong. It basically varies with the material used for manufacturing wicker furniture.

Natural rattan furniture is sure to fade if exposed to sunlight. As a result, it is preferred for indoors only. On the other hand, painted wicker furniture or furniture made of synthetic material is not known to fade when exposed to sunlight. Hence, they can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Can rattan be used outdoors?

Europeans have traditionally always used rattan both indoors and outdoors, however rattan being a natural material will eventually break down. We recommend use of our rattan in indoor and covered porch settings to prevent eventual deterioration if that is something that is of concern.

How do I care for my new Selamat Designs furniture and accessories?Wooden and rattan furniture and accessories :

• Regular waxing is the most important element in the care of your furniture and accessories.
• Do not use silicon waxes, lemon oil, or other oily polishes. We recommend a quality carnuba paste or creme wax, such as Johnson’s Paste Wax.
• Application: Apply a thin film of wax to the surface, working a small area at one time. Always rub in the same direction as the grain, then buff with a soft, dry cloth.
• Between waxing, your Selamat Designs wood furniture requires simple dusting with a soft, moist, lint free cloth and drying immediately with another soft, dry cloth.
• When dusting, do not use any product with an oil-based polish, or products that contain silicon as they can damage the lacquers. ‘Endust’ is a good choice.

Outdoor Teak Furniture:

Selamat Designs teak, plantation grown Tectona Grandis, is one of the world’s most durable and solid grained woods. Teak reacts to the elements better than any other wood. Our teak is delivered unfinished so that you may allow it to season. The oiled wood will weather as it reacts to the elements. As it ages, it will change color until, eventually, it turns silver gray.

Once your furniture has mellowed to the desired color, you may seal it with a teak oil to maintain its color. We recommend Deftoil Marine Teakwood Finish – Natural, or Daly’s Seafin Teak Oil, which can be purchased at most marine supply stores and some paint and hardware stores. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions and safety precautions when using this type of oil. During the teak’s outdoor months, frames should be periodically scrubbed down with a non-abrasive detergent using a bristle brush and plenty of water.